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Canadians are Blackmailing Iranians

After 1979 Revolution in Iran, it became very obvious for Iranians that the US wanted the Pahlavi Dynasty to collapse so that the US would sell arsenal to the theocratic regime in Iran at black market value. The regime in Iran was forcing everyone shout death to America as a sign that the regime in Iran had no ties with the regime in Iran. The curtain failed down, when the Iran Contra Affair became a public knowledge that how the US was selling arsenal to the regime in Iran at the black market value so that the regime in Iran would continue its war with Iraq from 1980 to 1988. There was also public knowledge that Khomeini and his associates were puppet of the US until Dr. and author Mike EVANS revealed in his book “Jimmy Carter: The Liberal Left and World Chaos: A Carter/Obama Plan That Will Not Work” how former democrat US president funneled money to Khomeini HENDI directly in order to support him to topple the Pahlavi Dynasty.


Today, Canada is playing the same dirty game as it was played with Iranians by the US. Recently, Canada made a film that the regime in Iran is pursuing nuclear. Interestingly, Canada sold nuclear means to the regime in Iran, despite the fact that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service had prior knowledge of the ambition of the cleric in Iran to proliferate nuclear bombs. The above statement was posted on this blog and the below web link proves that it was mentioned in the past Canada was helping the regime in Iran to build nuclear bombs.


The intention of Canada is not to embarrass the regime in Iran and to isolate the regime in Iran from the International Communities, but it is blackmailing the Iranians. Obviously, Canada sold nuclear means to Iran, plus, it is allowing elements of the regime in Iran to us Canada as a safe heaven for their terrorist activities. Like Rafsanjani who owes HWY 407 in province of Ontario and Center Point Mall, and revenue from the above assets would be used for terrorist activities.


Concluding the above statements, the recent movie Canada made about exposing the regime in Iran is pursuing nuclear ambition, Canada is asking for something big from the regime in Iran in form of monetary value. Sadly, Iranians are paying for request of Canada. One more time Canada is plundering Iranians with their dirty games.


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Our Man in Tehran: Ken Taylor, The CIA, and The Iran Hostage Crisis by Robert Wright

  1. On page 8 this author stated the shah had indeed married the girl, Gilda Soufi… Ottawa obliged. Not even the KGB knew that the shah had taken a fourth wife.” According to historical fact, King Mohammad Reza PAHLAVI married three times, and at each time of his marriage, there was monogamy relationship. Thus, this author’s claim that the King was involved in a polygamy relationship was false. In addition, this author was reverberating the theocratic regime’s propaganda in Iran that the King had a mistress. After careful consideration, this author left a taste that he has a connection with the regime in Iran.
  2. On page 17, this author put a great leverage on 1953 coup which was orchestrated by the US. According to CIA documents, it did not take part in 1953 coup in Iran, the below weblink would shed lights on 1953 coup in Iran.
  4. On page 21, this author mentioned that the King called himself, King of Kings or Shahanshah, Light of Aryan. As a matter of fact, it was part of Iran’s political culture to refer to all Iranian/Persian monarchs as King of Kings. The Light of Aryan title was given to Him by academic arena. The King also had another title, Great Chief and Commander of of Imperial Army.
  5. On several pages, this author mentioned that SAVAK agents had torture machines. The above allegation emerged on the surface after victory of 1979 Revolution in Iran. After careful consideration, the above allegation had no merit. First, victims would be in pain and would be making loud noises, so neighbors would know that there were problems. Last, this author claimed that there were victims body parts. Obviously, these places would cause staunch. Currently, there are SAVAK agents all over the world, and none ever brought international courts.
  6. This author mentioned several times about armories were present in the streets. Indeed, in 1970’s, Quebec wanted to separate from rest of Canada, and there were individuals that they engaged in terrorist activities. There were marshal laws in place, and absent of civil liberty. Of course, in the above case, the end justify the meaning. However, in case of Pahlavi, it would be constituted as brutality.
  7. On page 50, this author needed to read General Robert Huyser’s book “ Mission to Tehran” that how he prevented the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces to stage a coup in Iran. In addition, he was puzzled why Carter’s administration was forcing General Toufanian to buy more weapons from the US.
  8. This author illustrated bias toward 1979 revolution by calling former Generals with derogatory names while this author was praising the revolutionary people.
  9. This author had no firm grasp of Iran’s 1979 Revolution because he was referring to King Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as Reza Pahlavi.
  10. There were plenty of grammar mistakes.
  11. This author also invented his own version of history by claiming that Khomeini’s sons, Ahmad and Mustafa were well trained in military skills. In fact, Ahmad, and Mustafa were pleasently plum, and Mustafa died as a result of over eating.
  12. The bottom line, this book reminder of BBC propaganda.

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The Servants of Devil

Justice for All

Freedom, Justice, Honor, Courage

Sunday January 03rd, 2009

The Servants of Devil
It was, in 1978, when Khomeini HENDI used British Broadcasting Corporation to spread its propaganda in Iran, and he claimed that he was descendant of Prophet Muhammad Peace Upon Him, and never would lie to anyone. So, he made pact with Iranian.

1.Creating a Marxist-Islamist Utopia.
2.Respecting safety and security of Imperial Iranian Armed Forces.
3.Freedom of speech.

In February 1979, Khomeini returned to Iran after fifteen (15) years of exile, and when one American reporter, in the airplane, asked Khomeini, how did he feel about returning to Iran? He said nothing. He had no feeling to Iran. As this child of Prophet Muhammad landed in Iran, he did not waste any time, he formed firing squads and commenced to executed members of Imperial Iranian Armed Forces in order to prevent any possible military coup. The widows did not have chance to say good bye to their loved one, as the Marxist-Islamist factions began to confiscate assets of Imperial Iranian Armed Forces and families left destitute. Some of these families fled Iran, and some went back to their parents’ houses.

Khomeini did not want to share political sphere with anyone as he gave himself title of Ayatollah/Sign of God, and Ro-Ho-Llah which means Spirit of God. Interesting, in Islam, it was forbidden to associate anything to God, it was constituted as blasphemy sin, and punishment was death, but he did.

Khomeini asked the left-wing factions to speak freely in Iran, as the Marxist Factions would appear before cameras, and would discuss utopia. Once, these left-wing factions were identified, the freedom of speech of abolished, and Iran’s prisons were filled with the left-wing factions. The regime had one solution for these individuals in the prisons. Let’s purge them all. In case of young ladies that they were not married. They had to be touched in order to prevent them from entering garden of heaven. The Revolutionary Guards, Paramilitary (Besij) and any other form of Iron Fist of the regime commenced to illustrate their loyalty to the regime by taking part in touching the ladies in the prisons, and their execution in the glory of Prophet Muhammad and Allah.

According to the below video clip, it illustrated that in Iran’s culture it was rude to kiss another man’s hand, as MOUSAVI and others were kissing Khomeini’s hand. Plus, Koran was above Khomeini, and Koran in Chapter 5 verse 51 and Chapter 9 verse 29 mentioned God did not like arrogant people.

The real fact would remain solid that Khomeini and his associates began to plunder Iran’s wealth, in some cases, they destroyed ancient sites of Iran because they hate Iran or they sold priceless items to other nations so they would have more money in their bank accounts. These type of individuals were serving purpose of evil, and were nothing but servants of devil. Mr. MOUSAVI, Mr. KHATAMI and any individual was associated with the regime was nothing but a godless person, and was servant of devil. Would you hand shake with devil?

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The Green Movement in Iran

Justice for All

Freedom, Justice, Honor, Courage

Thursday December 31st, 2009

The Green Movement in Iran

It is difficult to believe Mr. Mir Hussein MOUSAVI, who took part in purging, in 1988, political prisoners by feeding them rat poison, now he is acting as some form of dissident against the cleric regime. It is also hard to believe Mr. MOUSAVI, who is cousin of Sign of God/Ayatollah Khameine, would do anything to undermine the legitimacy of his cousin. Especially, in Iran family ties are deep, and it would not be that easy for someone to take certain action against his own family. Particularly it is troublesome to believe, Mr. MOUSAVI is against the establishment in Iran because this normative control model system would not allow any individual to be part of the system, unless he has proven his loyalty to the system. So, why all of sudden Mr. MOUSAVI decided to be outspoken about the regime in Iran? Mr. MOUSAVI took part in plundering Iran’s wealth, and why all of sudden his conscience is disturb by the establishment in Iran? And the regime in Iran would eliminate any individual for undermining fundamental principles of the regime in Iran. So, why is the regime in Iran not eliminating Mr. MOUSAVI?

The key point is that any rational mind should view the regime in Iran as a cunning fox. This is the regime which is good at playing games with others, and a rational mind should think that how the regime was gaining from the Green Movement in Iran. The regime in Iran was facing harsh criticism over nuclear proliferation. It reached to a point that Israel openly was calling for air strike on nuclear facilities in Iran. The democrat US Administration wanted to have appeasement with the regime in Iran, and in return the regime in Iran would give-up on nuclear proliferation. However, the regime in Iran did not give-up on its core principle of nuclear proliferation, and remain steadfast to develop nuclear facilities, and AHMADI NEZHAD was calling for destruction of Israel, as well as, US. Thus, the system came-up with game of Green Movement in Iran in order to distract International Communities from nuclear proliferation to velvet revolution in Iran while the regime in Iran was increasing its nuclear proliferation, and asked from Kazakhstan for high enriched uranium. Plus, the current upheaval enable the regime to dodge sanction, and given hope to the Israel and the US that the regime in Iran was going through transformation, and there was no need to be concern about nuclear programs. Let’s be hopeful that the regime in Iran will change.

Let’s hope nothing because the regime in Iran is a family business and no one would go against family.

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Bully Conservative Party of Canada

Bully Conservative Party of Canada

Justice for All

Freedom, Justice, Honor, Courage

Friday October 09th, 2009

Bully Conservative Party of Canada
Recently, I received the below propaganda from the Conservative Party of Canada “for too long, criminals have been exploiting a loophole in Canada’s legal system. Many criminals that serve time before their trials have been getting double and triple credit against their time served. Clever criminals figured this out and extended their pretrial holding for more credit once they were found guilty. This puts criminals back on our streets faster. Now the Conservative government is taking action to close that loophole. We are introducing new legislation to end this unfair practice, making criminals serve their full sentences. Double credit for time served has been the norm in the past, but we are acting to change that for the future. Canadian families can count on the Conservative government to end double credit for time served.” However, according Criminal Code of Canada Proceedings in criminal and penal matters “11 b) to be tried within reasonable time, and 11 d) to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal.”1 Furthermore, Crown Attorney are causing delay on cases during pre-trials due to insufficient evidences against accused person as the Crown Attorney would request from police officers to carry further investigation.

Therefore, the accused persons have nothing to do with delay or anything, and with regard to double credit which is due to 11 d).

The real issue would be when these politicians would stop giving themselves pay hike, and would start investing public’s money in people; such as, educational programs, rehab programs, protecting privacy of accused persons, and many more programs in order to make sure that individuals in conflict with law would reintegrate in mainstream society.

According to Conservative Party of Canada’s philosophy, guilty until proven innocent, and very soon, it would introduce some kind of legislation to strap due process. After all these individuals will not go hungry, and they have police connection.


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Newspaper Issue September 01st, 2009

Justice for All
Freedom, Justice, Honor, Courage


Monthly Newspaper Issue September 01st, 2009

Sexual Assault while in Custody of Mullah

The theocratic regime in Iran from time of its inception, in 1979, it had relied on use of brutality, as well as, all forms of inhumane treatments of Iranian in order to suppress voice of dissidents in Iran so that the regime in Iran would be in power position, and would secure its regime for many years to come by. Particularly, Iran is a conservative society by its nature, and victims of the theocratic regime would not be so candid about their humiliation in the prison of Islamic Republic in Iran. During this time frame victims would suffer mentally for rest of their natural lives and would not recover from their mental anguish.The Islamic regime’s henchmen that they come in form of Revolutionary Guards, Besiji (militia), and plainclothes that they are receiving clear instruction from on of the sign of gods/ayatollahs to engage in sexual abuse of their prisoners because these henchmen know very well that as long as they are involved in any form of brutalities against Iranian, they would be able to last long in Iran. Obviously, these culprits are not normal individuals because act of sex did not occur between victims and culprits for sexual gratification reason, but imposing their own wills on the victims, and proven to the victims had no power, will nor controlling the situation. In addition, these individuals are prone to violence, and all forms of deviant behaviors.

Therefore, the key elements of the Islamic Republic and culprits are totally sick in their brains. Just look at Revolutionary Guards Akbar GANJI, and Mohsen SAZEGARA. They have no problem of being deceitful to others. Last, and all elements of Islamic Republic are corrupt to their bones, and shall be brought before just justice.

Silence of Humanitarian International Communities Despite Outcry in Iran

There is one single question which strikes a person right on spot for hearing the news of brutalities in Iran that how come Humanitarian International Communities are dead silent about human rights violations in Iran? Answering the above question with another answer that why should Humanitarian International Communities do anything for Iran?

It was a few weeks ago, when Turkey seized $18 billion dollars US from one Iranian as he claimed that it was his money, and was on a business trips. Indeed, he was on a business trips. The Islamic Republic in Iran, funnel those money to Humanitarian International Communities, and ask them to be silent with regard to human rights violations in Iran. For example, Shirin EBADI was invited by Law Society of British Columbia, and she gave a glorious speech about Pahlavi Dynasty. She never mentioned anything about current affairs of Iran that how regime was cracking down on dissidents without any kind of mercy. As she began to travel to University of Victoria, and spread more propaganda about reform movement in Iran as a light of hope at end of the tunnel. Quite frankly, Law Society of British Columbia, University of Victoria or any other entities do not care what is happening in Iran. As long as, Iran has oil, and Iran’s budget is given to non-Iranian, everything is good in Iran. Even, it was Neda’s fault for being in street, and taking part in riot.

Mahmoud AHMADI NEZHAD and Charles MANSON

There are many pictures of Iran’s selected president Mahmoud AHMADI NEZHAD online, as some of his pictures are configured to Hitler. Whereas, AHMADI NEZHAD really looks, and act like Charles MANSON. There are plenty of video clips of Charles MANSON on YouTube, and you may want to select one randomly, and watch it, and there are close similarity between AHMADI NEZHAD and MANSON. They do not make any kind of sense, when they are just talking their own minds, and do not answer the questions which makes the conversation very hard because no one knows what would be said next. Of course, Iran has no gay, and Charles MANSON is an innocent man in prison.

Thank you

Long Live Pure Divine Motherland of Iran

Caesar WARRINGTON, Steve F, Correspondent from Iraq, Ex-Imperial Iranian Armed Forces, and Peyman

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Newspaper Issue August 01st, 2009

Justice for All

Freedom, Justice, Honor, Courage

Newspaper Issue August 01st, 2009

Defining History of Iran

History of Iran is unlike history of other nations. For example, history of Canada would go back 200 years ago, and its major historical events would be World War One and Two. It has one neighbor which would be United States of America. Canada faced two cultural revolution, and suppressed those cultural revolution. One was Louis David Riel {Metis}, and last one would be the Quebec Separatist Marxist faction that during 1960’s this faction used explosive and murdering a minister to separate from Canada. However, history of Iran is quite different than Canada and many other nations. Iran’s history is full of wars and how how foreign nations invaded Iran with hostile intention of erasing Iran from surface of the earth, and still Iranian manged to survive any kind of brutality. Iranian during time of trial remained steadfast in their cause against injustice which was taking place, and did not flinch, and today is not any different than past trial. One more time Iran is put on trial, as foreign nations like Russia, China, England, France, Germany, US and Canada are trying to catch fish from a murky water, there should not be any doubt that in long run, Iranian will topple the establishment in Iran with their own hands because this is history of Iran, it is about triumph.

Peace is Answer for Iran

Since June 12th, 2009, the world has witnessed Iran to go through another French Revolution, there is this cleric wealth minority class which is ruling destitute masses in Iran with iron fist, and the theocratic regime in Iran is crushing any kind of dissent voice with maces, even the regime in Iran did not show mercy to two unborn children in their mother’s wombs. Thus, the atmosphere in Iran is not a pleasant one. In fact, people’s blood is boiling at a very fast pace against this establishment in Iran in order to seek vengeance. However, revenge is not answer, and answer to Iran is coming from the Holy Book of Bible.

As the good book says from Luke 6, 29, 30 “you know that you have been taught an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But I tell you not to try to get even with a person who has done something wrong to you. When someone slaps your right cheek, turn and let that person slap your other cheek. If someone sues you for your shirt, give up your coat as well. If a soldier forces you to carry his pack one mile, carry it two miles. When people ask you for something, give it to them. When they want to borrow money, lend it to them.”

Therefore, Iranian needs to understand that this minority class of evil monger is following its own natural destruction path of life, and not to follow this evil’s path, but to follow path of life which would lead Iran toward salvation.

Clash Within a System in Iran

It is very usual for organize crime at some point in future to clash at each other, and want to eliminate potential threat. In case of the theology state in Iran is not any different than mob mentality that at some point in future one side wants to eliminate the other side.

The June 2009 election in Iran was like a soap opera, there was Mahmoud AHMADI NEZHAD, who was acting as an evil guy, and began to expose corruption of the regime in order to gain sympathy of subjects in Iran. On the other side of reality, Mir Hussein MOUSAVI began to act as a defender of subjects in Iran, and refuted all AHMADI NEZHAD’s allegation that this normative control model in Iran was not corrupt, and as a matter of fact, there was room to improve the theocratic regime in Iran. He spoke from hearts, and minds of Iranian that Iran needed justice, as he would be like a white knight shiny armor, and would save the day, as he would execute justice in Iran.

There was a reality on horizon to ponder that MOUSAVI and RAFSANJANI are keep saying that the current establishment in Iran is not up-holding to initial principles of 1979 Revolution and Khomeini. Interesting Khomeini right after triumph of 1979 Revolution, he told everyone shut-up or I kill you. The regime in Iran has been murdering dissidents since 1979, and MOUSAVI and RAFSANJANI were part of process of purging dissidents, and how would they allow opposing voice to express their voices against the system? Since 1979, Iran’s wealth has been plundered by the ruling class of mullah in Iran as MOUSAVI firmly refuted all allegations that there was no thievery by the ruling class of the mullah in Iran?

Therefore, MOUSAVI and RAFSANJANI and anyone else from this system has no plan to lead Iran toward bright and prosperous future. These are evil men of this brutal regime, as blood of innocents are dripping from their hands, as they shall continue to murder innocents in order to last a few days longer and enjoy this wretched life of theirs.

Thank you

Long Live Pure Divine Motherland of Iran

Caesar WARRINGTON, Shannon H, Steve F, Correspondent from Iraq, Ex-Imperial Iranian Armed Forces, and Peyman

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Conspiracy scenario and fake results of Iranian elections

Justice for All


Freedom, Justice, Honor, Courage

Tuesday June 29th, 2009

Correspondent from Iraq

RE: Conspiracy scenario and fake results of Iranian elections

Most totalitarian dictatorial regimes use the same manner in dealing with their peoples when they see these peoples started protest the dictatorial policies of these regimes. when these totalitarian regimes see getting their citizens out to streets to protest these dictatorial policies, these regimes start alarm announcing that there is external conspiracy try to rush the people to rebelling against the regime thereby these regimes work on creating scenario of existence fake external enemy to delude their citizens that there is external conspiracy is fed by foreigner countries to shaking the national interior security and stop the citizens in demanding with their civil rights same this scenario we see happen for most totalitarian doctoral regimes around the world, same this scenario these regimes use when they see their peoples started in protest for demand with their civil rights realizing how far the forgery and lying these totalitarian regimes acted on them, and same this scenario happens now in Iran where once Islamic regime found that Iranian people discovered the forgery in final elections results and started protest these fake results, Islamic regime hurried up in accusing the British and United States in standing behind getting crowds of Iranian protesters out to streets for protest these fake results of elections.

It is big shame on Islamic regime and supreme leader, Khamanei when they stated that British and United States are responsible for creating these protests in Iranian street and getting hundreds of thousands of Iranians out to streets for protest fake results of elections because it is ironic matter for Islamic regime to make the will of Iranian people propelled by foreigner countries such as British or United States. Thereby Islamic regime affronted their people when it alleged that British and United States are who propelled Iranian protesters to getting out to streets for protest results of elections. supreme leader, Khamanei when he accused standing British behind arranging these protests, he gave the right to himself to say that British and US decide the fate of Iranians on their behalf, but supreme leader, Khamanei didn’t realize well that free peoples like Persian nation are who decide their fate by themselves and it is impossible to be propelled by other foreigner countries to decide on their behalf.
Supreme leader, Khamnei didn’t care of how far the insult he directed to Iranian protesters when he accused British government that it is responsible in propelling them to streets to arranging these protests as much as he just care for keeping his throne over Iranians.

Supreme leader, Khamanei wanted abortion the protests in Iran alleging that external sides stood behind arranging these protests to turn the sights of Iranian street from the fake results of these elections and give the right to his regime to suppressing these protests deluding the people that there is external danger threatens Iran behind these protests and it is required unifying the lines to address that alleged danger, but supreme leader couldn’t to delude the Iranians with that fake scenario where protests kept continuous in Iranian streets after his release in spite of using the brutal means by Islamic regime to suppressing the protesters to stopping these protests.

Most totalitarian regimes like Islamic regime work on creating external conspiracy scenario fed by foreign countries when they see their citizens started demand with their civil rights and realize how far the lying and forgery of their totalitarian regimes.

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News-Issue July 2009

Justice for All

Freedom, Justice, Honor, Courage


July 01st, 2009

Issue of July, 2009

1.Emotional Intelligence
2.Mir Hussein MOUSAVI = Islamic Republic in Iran
3.Clueless Iranian
4.Michael IGNATIEFF’s Confession to Iranian

Emotional Intelligence:

On June 12th, 2009 the theocratic regime in Iran held another shamble election in Iran, as hopeful Iranian went to polling station and cast their votes for several candidates that these candidates were handpicked by the state of Islamic Republic in Iran.

During final count down of the election Mir Hussein MOUSAVI claimed that he won the election, and Mahmoud AHMADI NEZHAD claimed that he won the election, as the above situation between two candidates appeared as some kind of storm between them. It was during this heated moment Iranian inside of Iran decided to protest against the election’s outcome because MOUSAVI was keep chanting that the election result was rigged.

It was during this moment Islamic Republic in Iran launched its iron fist at protesters with very high velocity, as protesters began to roll in their own blood in streets of major cities of Iran.

There would be a logical question that why so many Iranian decided to follow this deceptive theocratic regime in Iran. It had one simple answer that large portion of Iranian population did not develop emotional intelligence skills, which refers to “1) the ability to diagnose and recognize your own emotions, 2) the ability to control your own emotions, 3) the ability to recognize and diagnose the emotions displayed by others, and 4) the ability to respond appropriately to those emotional cues.”1

Therefore, Iranian would react to the situation and was not taking a step backward to think about whole dynamic of the situation in order to take progressive step toward the situation.

Mir Hussein MOUSAVI = Islamic Republic in Iran

In 1979, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) provided Khomeini HENDI with means of communication to cause unrest in Iran. Khomeini was shouting behind BBC’s microphone that when he would return to Iran, he would not execute anyone, and would move to city of Qom to continue his religious study, and when he came back to Iran with no feeling as he told the reports that he had no feelings for returning to Iran after 15 years of exile, he broke his promise and inaugurated Kangaroo Court, and ushered Imperial Iranian Armed Forces to slaughter houses. Once, Khomeini made sure there was no potential threat from the former army. Khomeini began to encourage everyone to talk about politics, and everyone was expressing their own point of view about political affairs of Iran. Once, Khomeini’s henchmen identified left wing factions, the theocratic regime’s henchmen apprehended as many as left wing factions, and murdered them in cold blood, and as usual ladies were raped by the element of Islamic Republic prior of their executions for two reasons. One, the regime considered these ladies as a war possession, and had all right to enjoy their possession, and last the regime’s own Islamic doctrine gave permission to rape ladies prior their execution so they would not go to paradise.

Mir Hussein MOUSAVI, as a matter of fact, any mullah, plain clothes thug of the regime, Basij, Revolutionary Guard like Mohsen SAZEGARA, Akbar GANJI et, al… are rapist. The above entities earned respect of the regime, and were able to earn higher education or left Iran and now were residing in the West because they passed their loyalty test. Otherwise, the regime would not allow them to leave in Iran and betray the system of the theocratic regime in Iran. Coming to the point that Mir Hussein MOUSAVI was involved in murdering Iranian, and there were four questions to ask for oneself, when MOUSAVI pioneered Iran with blood of Iranian, how was he planing to change a system? Two, how was it possible for rapist and murderer like MOUSAVI to have sympathy for others? Three, how come the regime in Iran was murdering everyone at a blink of eye, and was allowing MOUSAVI to preach to people to revolt against establishment in Iran? And last, how come he asked seventy (70) university professors to meet and all the professors were apprehended by the authority except MOUSAVI?

The bottom line, Mir Hussein MOUSAVI is equal to Islamic Republic in Iran.

Clueless Iranian

YouTube, and Twitter social networks proven to be an effective tolls of mass communication during unrest in Iran, and the above social networks broke away from traditional medium that how public would be spoon fed with their own agendas. Interestingly, there were these television stations in Los Angeles like Channel One, Pars TV, Ariamehr International, as well as, other television stations in State of California. These television stations found new blood in their system as a result of June 12th, 2009 election. These television stations began to air YouTube video clips on their programs, and their staffs would appear before cameras, and were having crocodile tears in their eyes that people were dying in Iran, as they were asking for money from people. Most importantly, these individuals even could utter a few English word. Plus, these individuals were receiving fund from the US administration. So why should Iranian donate money to them? Well, it went back to concept of emotional intelligence which was lacking in Iranian.

Two points, Saeed SAKUIE and Shirin NESHAT were talking with Dr. Corsi and were asking for money from the US administration for their programs. What was very interesting that SAKUIE could not say English word strike to Corsi and asked NESHAT, and she could not say either. When these individuals were illiterate, how were they going to do any kind of help to people in Iran?

The most astonishing event happened when Shahram HOMAYOUN from Channel One, and from Pars TV Mehrdad PARSA began to receive phone calls from Iran, as some victims from Iran’s prison were calling them, and were claiming that they were in prisons, and needed their help. A rational mind says one second please how was it possible for someone in dungeon of Islamic Republic in Iran to have access to a phone? There was the answer, after the phone call was finished Mehrdad PARSA and Shahram HOUMAYOUN were crying and were asking for money from public.

Let’s be clear and crystal, these entities in the Los Angeles from A-Z have done nothing for past 30 years, what are they going to do anything different now? In past, these entities were saying that they knew element of the regime that they were working with them, and how come during June-2009 unrest their elements did not help Iranian to stop blood shed in Iran?

Just remember that these individuals like Shahram HOMAYOUN were so naïve that they took part in green, which was color of prophet Mohammad, and flagrant election of mullah in Iran.

Michael IGNATIEFF’s Confession to Iranian

In June 2009 Michael IGNATIEFF appeared in Vancouver, B.C. and gave the following speech:

“This is a regime that has denied the reality of the Holocaust, that’s attempted to develop nuclear weapons and long before the election we knew this was a regime with which we could not have normal relations,” he said. “Canada cannot abandon the people of Iran. We must keep our embassy open to help the injured and continue to call for open and transparent elections and democratic freedoms.”2

According to the above statement of him, he acknowledged that Canada long before had knowledge that the regime in Iran was building nuclear bombs and it had no civilian use than how come Canada was supplying the regime in Iran with nuclear materials to build bombs? There were more questions on horizon that why Rafsanjani and his families were allowed to have investment in Canada?

He was to some extend illiterate too because he was contradicting himself in the above statement. In one hand he says that we could not have normal relation with the regime in Iran, and from another hand, he wants to re-open Canada’s embassy in Iran. So how was it possible to have not relation and to have relation by opening an embassy?

As a result, IGNATIEFF was not any different than any political party or his predecessor. He made the above speech with intention of the green light to the regime in Iran that he too was ready to speak with the regime in Iran in order to reform the system in Iran while Ahmad Reza TABRIZI (Iran Canada Business Council) were shoving money in his pocket. No thank you we Iranian do not need your help, we have 7000 years of history, and pushed and naturalized aggressors out of our land, and we are going to do it this time by ourselves. Take a hike.

Contributors are: Caesar WARRINGTON, Shannon H. Correspondent from Iraq, Steve F, former Imperial Iranian Armed Forces, Peyman Pawn

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Philosopher King Reza Cyrus PAHLAVI

Justice for All

Freedom, Justice, Honor, Courage

Friday June 19th, 2009

The below text is extracted from the book “The Rotted Garden of Paradise” which is available at for purchase.


Philosopher King Reza Cyrus PAHLAVI

“The shah is the protector of the subjects, Though his majestic reign results in peace, The sheep does not exist for the shepherd, It is the shepherd that must serve the sheep.”i Sa’di


Philosopher King Reza Cyrus PAHLAVI fitted perfectly in Plato’s account of philosopher as an eligible ruler of a nation-state. Plato believed that a philosopher who was lover of wisdom and adored knowledge, he was in position to lead a nation-state. This philosopher King PAHLAVI has gained significant amount of theoretical, as well as, personal experience to understand nature of a nation-state, and knew how to manage a nation-state efficiently.

Plato developed a system for mental and physical growth of a philosopher. In his system a philosopher was seeking education all the way to age of eighteen and two years of intense physical training, ten years of studying mathematics and fifteen years studying and trying to manage a polis. Once, a philosopher was fifty years old, he would understand the form of the Good, which was the idea of the Good. The idea of the Good was justice, truth, equality and beauty. His Imperial Majesty PAHLAVI has followed Plato’s doctrine to become a philosopher King. When He earned His primary and high school programs, He moved to US “to trained as a jet fighter pilot at Reese Air Force in Lubbock, Texas, and attended Williams College in willianstown, Massachusetts, before graduating with a degree in political science from the University of Southern California.”ii His Imperial Majesty was close to age of 50, He would like Iranian to determine their future and not what He wanted, and He had a blue print for toppling the theocratic regime in Iran by means of civil disobedience, and there was an inherit obligation of compatriots outside of Iran to assist His Imperial Majesty to topple the cleric regime in Iran.

He would like Iranian to determine their future and not what He wanted. His Imperial Majesty had inherit obligation as a unifier among Iranian and He played His role very well as a unifier of all fragment of Iranian and making all Iranian in one powerful force against the establishment in Iran. Iranian were determined to topple the establishment in Iran, but Iranian were divided on type of state in Iran, and He knew well that any future form of state in Iran would require consent and will of people and there was no need for Him to decide for public what form of state would be establish in Iran, after total removal of the cleric regime in Iran. Consequently, He descended Himself as the King of Iran, even He sworn to act as the King of Iran. He also removed any form of ascribed status, and liked to be called simple Reza. This humble attitude of Him made Him more appealing to public and gained recognition in public. As a result, Iranian began to understand that He was thinking for Iran, and was not interested in title and power. This natural born philosopher King was seeking justice, truth, equality and beauty for Iranian and not His self-interest.

This philosopher King had a vision for Iran, and He had a blue print to topple the theocratic regime in Iran by means of civil disobedience. He believed any form of arm resistance against the establishment in Iran would destroy Iran’s chance to move toward justice, truth, equality and beauty.

Since, His Imperial Majesty was concerned about future of Iran, and wanted to establish a just society in Iran, He was relying on civil disobedience as a fashion of toppling the Islamic Republic Occupier of Iran. He orchestrated civil disobedience in Iran and there was continuous social unrest in Iran. The theocratic establishment in Iran had lost the battle of suppressing Iranian at every corner of Iran.

His Imperial Majesty was working on area of Persian Gulf which had become a focal point for Iranian. People of Azerbaijan would come out of their home and holding signs of Persian Gulf, people of Tehran coming out of their home and holding sign of Persian Gulf, and people of Khuzestan would come out of their home and supporting cause of Persian Gulf. There was another dimension of social unrest in Iran, factory workers were going on strike and Iran’s oil refinery workers in solidarity with factory workers went on strike. There were university students that they were on protest. The whole nation was in chaos and has paralyzed the system gradually, and at some point in future the whole economy would collapse and political system would fall apart and Iranian would topple the establishment in Iran with their own hands without help of any outsider. The cleric regime found the predicament irreversible. The cleric regime wanted to tarnish His Imperial Majesty’s reputation by exploding a bomb in a mosque in Shiraz and accusing Him for masterminding it. It was clear that He did not do it; it was their old trick like Cinema Rex Abadan.

This philosopher King was walking along the path of Cyrus the Great that toleration of other faith groups and ethnic groups would be a pillar of this movement and once the cleric regime was toppled, there was an issue of safety and security of people, and it was main priority of Him. As famous Saadie’s poem said; Human beings are members of a whole, In creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, Other members uneasy will remain. If you have no sympathy for human pain, The name of human you cannot retain.iii

There was an inherit obligation of compatriots outside of Iran to assist His Imperial Majesty to topple the cleric regime in Iran which was due to His Imperial Majesty, Light of Aryan, King of Kings Mohammad Reza PAHLAVI I last will that He clearly instructed Iranian to assist His Imperial Majesty Reza PAHLAVI to overthrow the current establishment in Iran. These compatriots outside of Iran already passed their loyalty test to His Imperial Majesty when the 1979 fiasco took place, and individual countless victims of the regime paid lofty price for being loyal to Iran and their King. It was not just her father and cousin who walked toward firing squad; it was the entire life of a family walked toward firing squad, the intention of compatriots outside of Iran was to create justice, truth, equality and beauty and ending this self-imposed exile for everyone, and not even wishing same path of life for those who took their love one.

Currently, the compatriots in exile left in a dark cave, and there were deceptive players with torch on their hands and were making images on the wall, and making believe what they wanted the compatriots to believe in. Hence, it would be savvy for His Imperial Majesty to enlightening the compatriots in exile how to take step toward liberation of Iran.

The bottom line, this past 30 years has been journey for everyone, His Imperial Majesty Reza Cyrus PAHLAVI reach to a point of philosopher king, a King whom would envision justice, truth, equality and beauty for Iranian and not His Peacock Throne. His Imperial Majesty would topple the establishment in Iran by means of civil disobedience, and Iranian were listening to Him. As Iranian were rushing in streets and chanting Persian Gulf, factory workers were on strike, and university students were going on protest. Still, there were others, in this formula of toppling the cleric regime in Iran by civil disobedience, Iranian compatriot outside of Iran would not hesitate for one second to shed their own blood for vision of His Imperial Majesty so justice, truth, equality and beauty would prevail in Iran, this was about Iranian and Iran and not personal gain nor self-glory or fame.

Thank you

Long Live Pure Divine Motherland of Iran


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